LRS To Transition to Digital Curriculum for Microsoft Official Courses


Prior to the end of this calendar year (2014) LRS Education Services will make the transition to digital curriculum from paper books for all Microsoft Official Courses and we want you to be ready!

Microsoft Learning has worked with an outside company to develop an e-reader for materials to enable students to read digital versions of Microsoft Courseware on their computers and other devices. As tablet technology has become more prevalent in society Microsoft wants to drive that use for learning and be more environmentally responsible. The reader, Skillpipe, exists in two versions, an online reader which can be accessed through any modern browser, and a Windows reader app which users can download and install on their PC. The installation of the reader app enables users to read digital Microsoft Courseware without permanently being connected to the internet once they have successfully logged in for the first time (the first time login requires an active internet connection). By using a single-sign on mechanism, the login data are always the same, no matter which Skillpipe version is used.

Skillpipe enables students to work with their digital courses. Besides reading through the courses users can add highlights, bookmarks, and annotations to selected text passages. All edits are automatically synchronized with the centralized user account and are therefore instantly available on all devices from which the content is accessed. For all annotations, users can decide if they want to make them publically available. Public annotations are visible to the entire class and represent a great chance to share important information with other students. This mechanism also works the other way around. Users have the option to display public annotations of other students, and their trainer, in their Courseware. All course updates are instantly synchronized with the cloud profile, enabling the student to access the latest content anytime and anywhere at no additional cost. This function helps to review the material, find important passages within the text, and prepare in an effective way for a certification exam.

Students who attend classes with LRS traditionally (in our classroom) will have the option to bring a device with them (a tablet or laptop) with the reader installed to download the book or utilize the dual monitor capability available in our classrooms to work with the materials. We recommend that our virtual students have either a second monitor or a separate device for viewing their course materials. After the class, students have access to the materials on up to 3 computers/devices at the same time.

Skillpipe apps for Windows Vista, 7 and 8 are currently available from

Skillpipe apps for Android tablets and iPads are currently in development with a planned release date before the end of 2014! The apps are optimized for a screen size of 7 inch or higher.
· Skillpipe App for Android tablets (Android 4.0 or higher) release scheduled for end of October
· Skillpipe App for iPads (iOS 7 or higher) is scheduled for release in December

Here is a link to the Skillpipe site that provides additional information regarding the advantages of utilizing digital versions of Microsoft Courseware:

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding digital Microsoft Official Curriculum. We are looking forward to utilizing this technology in our classroom!