Improved HD-ILT Experience for Cisco and VMware in Springfield!


Happy New Year from LRS Education Services!

As we begin 2015 I am excited to share that we now offer the full HD-ILT experience at our Springfield Education Facility for Authorized Cisco and VMware training courses! This is the same experience that our students have enjoyed at our Bloomington Education facility since 2012.

For the past 2 years we have utilized either a mobile unit (that would accommodate up to 2 students) to attend Authorized Cisco and VMware training courses or a live instructor at our Springfield site.  As of January 5, 2015 we will have the full HD-ILT system available that will accommodate up to 4 students at our Springfield facility! Even more exciting is that we will now be able to broadcast our classroom to other partners within the Sunset Learning Institute network…so if we have a class that has more students than other partners the instructor may come to us and broadcast using our system!

HD-ILT from Sunset Learning is the world’s first distance training system utilizing state-of-the-art, life-size, high definition video and audio combined with patented remote labs. This unique combination provides students with live, interactive training and the same experience as if they were actually in the classroom with the instructor no matter where they are located.  For a demo of the HD-ILT experience please click HERE!

To view the LRS Education Services public schedule of Authorized Cisco classes please click HERE.

Let me know how we can help you with your Cisco and VMware training goals!