LRS Offering Free Training Promotion


Free Training Day Promotion

With the New Year well underway, many of our clients are looking for new ways to maximize their IT training budgets.

Let us help! LRS Education Services is pleased to announce a new promotion where you can receive FREE training with an LRS Diamond Day purchase.

LRS Diamond Days are designed to help stretch your education budget with advance purchases of education days at discount prices.  LRS Diamond Days pricing features a price-per-day format that provides you the luxury of a cost-effective education solution today without the frustration of forecasting what your training needs will be in the future.  The program is designed with the flexibility in mind to use the pre-purchased days for a variety of classes and a variety of staff.

The promotion, running through April 30, 2015, increases the benefits of our Diamond Enterprise Program price-per-day format!

Between now and April 30, 2015 you will receive FREE training days with every Diamond Day program purchase.

Example: You will receive an additional 5 training days for every 50 days of technical                    training you purchase using our Diamond+ Program!

You will also receive an additional 5 training days for every 30 Microsoft Diamond Days purchased!

Now is a good time to review your IT training goals for the year and take advantage of receiving FREE training at the same time.

Call me today to get more information!

Karen Gill

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