Vlog for C#


To bring additional value to our clients, we are adding video blogs (vlogs) to our website!

Our video blogs are short presentations by LRS Education Services instructors who are anxious to share topics that they have found to be valuable and interesting to our students in class. We hope you find them helpful!

Here is a short vlog by Microsoft Certified Trainer Jeff Cargill, our subject matter expert for our Visual Studio courses. Jeff has been with us for nearly 9 years helping our student’s design/develop/implement web and windows based applications. This 8-minute video shows the ability to use code snippets inside Visual Studio for C#: https://youtu.be/LIwBzuNmuGo

The following video by Jeff explores the power of the grouping operator in conjunction with Linq in C#. This vlog is about 40 minutes…so sit back with a cup of java and learn more about Linq Grouping: http://youtu.be/YJSWa-xMC3g

We will be posting more video blogs to our site…so stay tuned! If there is a topic you would like to recommend please do so!