Ways to Receive Free or Discounted IT Training


Given the current state of the economy, businesses and government entities are looking for the best way to maximize shrinking training budgets when it comes to properly preparing their IT Team for upcoming projects. This blog’s goal is to provide different alternatives to help utilize existing offers and programs to get the most out of your training budget.

Virtual Training = Eliminate Travel Costs

Travel can consume a large percentage of a training budget. Between hotels, meals and transportation costs, there is a lot of opportunity to trim expenses by enrolling in training offered virtually. Virtual training is accessed through a web browser on the user’s computer. Proficient training partners such as LRS Education Services can make live Instructor Led Training (ILT) classes appear seamless to the student. LRS virtual classrooms are wired for sound and offer a live video feed to view the instructor while utilizing an electronic white board. Ceiling microphones and speakers not only allow the remote student to interact with the instructor but also to take part in class discussions. The virtual student is connected into a physical computer in the classroom via their web browser so that the instructor can walk over and assist when needed. It’s just like being in the physical classroom….without the travel costs! To view a video of LRS Education Services Virtual Training solution and the student experience, please click on the link.

Ask for Training Vouchers from Your Software Vendor = Free Training

  • Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV) –  Software Assurance training benefits, available as part of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, helps boost productivity by providing technical classroom training for IT professionals and developers.  With Software Assurance technical training, you get instructor-led, technical classroom training taught by a Microsoft Learning Partner.  Developed by Microsoft experts, these in-depth IT courses are designed to help your staff deploy, manage, support, and adopt new software. The SATV’s are offered through Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Service Center as part of the client’s Enterprise Agreement.  These agreements, and whether Microsoft SATV are provided, are negotiated with the Microsoft Licensing vendor.  Most, but not all, Microsoft Technical Classes are given over a 5-day period.  Each SATV is equivalent to 1-day worth of training.  This means that an average 5-day class would require 5 SATV per student. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning, one of only 36 in the country, LRS Education Services accepts these vouchers for qualifying Microsoft classes.
  • Cisco Learning Credits (CLC) offer a method of payment for Cisco authorized training, redeemable through Authorized Cisco Learning Partners.  There are a couple ways of obtaining these credits.  Cisco Learning Credits can be purchased from Cisco (or a Cisco Channel Partner) or Learning Credits may be obtained from Cisco (or a Cisco partner) as a negotiated benefit which may be extended by the Seller in exchange for purchasing hardware, software or support services.  Cisco Learning Credits are redeemed in units valued at $100 each and course fees are rounded up to the nearest $100.  Obtaining and redeeming the credits have the following benefits:
    •  Administrative costs are reduced by eliminating the need to create multiple purchase orders, saving time and money.
    • The Learning Credit Management tool allows you to accurately track your organization’s training history.
    • Ensures that attendees are expertly trained by an authorized Cisco Learning Partner.
    • LRS Education Services offers Authorized Cisco Training in conjunction with Sunset Learning Institute (SLI).  SLI is a highly rated Cisco Learning Partner that has achieved the following accolades:

Cisco’s US Learning Partner of the Year 2013

Cisco’s Quality Distinction Award 2013

Cisco’s Acceleration Learning Partner of the Year 2012

Cisco’s Innovation Learning Partner of the Year Award 2009

Click HERE for a link to our Authorized Cisco Courses.

Certification Testing = Free Exam Offers

  • LRS Education differentiates itself from other training partners and emphasizes the importance on continuing education by offering a FREE Microsoft Exam Voucher (Value $150.00) to each attendee of a Microsoft Official Curriculum course.
  • Microsoft Current Free Exam Promotions –
    • Microsoft Second Shot:  Between January 5 and May 31, 2015, if you don’t pass your exam the first time, simply register for your free retake exam using the same voucher number. You’ll get two shots at success!
    • Step Up to Windows 10:  Set yourself up for success by upgrading your skills on Windows 8.1, and preparing for the anticipated release of Windows 10.  Earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification in Windows 8 between February 15, 2015, and May 31, 2015, and you’ll be eligible to take a Windows 10 exam (Exam 697) for free.

Click HERE for more information on registering for a Microsoft certification exam.

Purchase Training Days in Advance = Lowers the Average Cost per Student

Many training companies offer an incentive when pre-purchasing training days. This method not only lowers the average cost per student, but also simplifies the administration process associated with creating purchase orders and working with multiple vendors. A good vendor should meet the broad technology needs of their clients’ organization.

LRS Education Services has developed our Diamond Enterprise Program designed to help stretch education budges with advance purchases of education days at discounted prices. LRS Diamond Days pricing features a price-per-day format that provides the luxury of a cost-effective solution today without the frustration forecasting what your training needs will be in the future. There are two Diamond Day packages offered through LRS Education: LRS Diamond Plus Program – Diamond Plus Days apply to all scheduled LRS Technical classes including Microsoft, CompTIA, Java, etc. LRS Microsoft Program – Microsoft Diamond Days apply only to scheduled Microsoft Technical courses

Special Offer: We are offering an incentive through April 30, 2015 that increases the benefits of our Diamond Enterprise Program price-per-day format! Between now and April 30, 2015 you will receive FREE bonus training days with every Diamond Day program purchase.


  • You will receive an additional 5 training days for every 50 days of technical training you purchase using our Diamond+ Program.
  • You will receive an additional 5 training days for every 30 Microsoft Diamond Days purchased.

Now is a good time to review your IT training goals for the year and take advantage of receiving FREE training at the same time. Please see our Pricing page that explains this incentive in more detail.

If you have any questions on how to maximize your company’s budget using any of the methods above, please feel free to contact me at 309-664-7670 x6302 or email me at Christopher.becher@LRS.com. Additional information, including schedule updates and course searches can be obtained at www.lrseducationservices.com.