You’re Welcome


So you’ve taken a class or six at LRS Education Services in the past. You know what to expect. For anywhere from one to five days you hang out with one of our ridiculously talented instructors (I’m talking about everyone else, humility prevents me from commenting about my own ridiculous amount of talent) and get up to speed on the latest technology.

How It Was

For a long time we had exactly one method of training. You traveled to one of our facilities in either Springfield or Bloomington Illinois. We gave you free snacks and soda (or pop depending on how you were raised) and you learned in a traditional classroom. You used one (or two) of our computers in the room to complete the tasks and master the topic at hand. It worked very well and many of you still love that model. So do we! Seeing your smiling faces on a Monday morning just makes it all worthwhile for us!

Then Things Improved

A few years ago we added virtual training as an option. This allowed those who perhaps didn’t want to incur the expense of travel, preferred to minimize their carbon footprint or liked being able to take a class while still wearing their pajamas to attend class from anywhere. We had students in the classroom mixed with students at other locations learning together, able to hear and communicate with each other and still do the labs on the machines in our classrooms. That whole ‘machines in the classroom’ was a big deal as it allowed the trainer to walk over to a machine being used by a virtual student and help them though issues or let them know they were on the right track. Then at the end of class it was over. You took your new skills and your book and did amazing things back at the office.

Blowing Your Mind

Oh buddy. Get ready. We’ve done some things that are going to make the value of your training go through the ROOF! Note that these changes apply to the majority of our Microsoft Official Courses. Check with your LRS Education Services Representative ( or (877) 832-0688 x1493) for details.

  • Remember how you used to get a big thick book with all of the great information? Then a new version of the software would come out? Your book still had some value but no details on the new features. Recently we rolled out Digital Microsoft Original Courseware (DMOC). Now your book is all electronic and works on Microsoft, Apple and Android devices. Not only that but your instructor adds notes and highlights that are automatically synced to your book. Oh, did I mention that as new versions of the course are released you automatically get access to those as well? You’re welcome.
  • Let’s talk about labs. Less than two weeks ago we officially deployed browser based on line labs from Learn on Demand Systems (LODS). What does this mean? Let me give you the short (but awesome) list.
    1. Your labs are available from anywhere and at any time of the day or night while you are taking the class.
    2. Your trainer can connect to your online lab system and see what you are seeing to walk you through issues. In addition if you need your trainer can take control and show you how to do something.
    3. You can be on the lab machines while your trainer is teaching! This gives you the ability to try what she or he is explaining in real time.
    4. For most classes the lab steps are on the same screen as the lab machines, so you don’t waste time and effort looking back and forth between the DMOC and your lab interface.
    5. You have access to the lab machines…for SIX MONTHS after the end of your class! This means if you would like to see how it works in a lab environment just before you put it into your production environment you can do so. Jump right back in and test it out before affecting your company’s systems.
  • Adobe Connect Integration – LODS integrates with Adobe Connect. This allows our virtual students to see and hear as before, but with higher quality. However there is a side benefit. With Adobe Connect your instructor will be recording the lecture portion of each module. Whether there are virtual students or not we will be recording. What does this mean for you? You can go back that same night, or the next day, or up to six month later and hear and see the recording of your class. Detailed explanations, presentations, technical demonstrations and in class discussions are recorded for your viewing. WOW! Class doesn’t end for you when the official class time is over. The labs and recordings are there to be accessed for six full months. You’re REALLY welcome!

No longer do you have to try and remember everything you learned or rely on your written notes.

So in summary:

1) Digital MOC means you have access to the latest books as they are released as well as all of your trainer’s notes and highlights.

2) LODS allows you to be on the lab machines any times of the day or night, even while your trainer is teaching and to access the lab machines for up to six months after the end of your class.

3) Adobe Connect lets you replay recordings of class including presentations, demonstrations and conversations, again for a full six months.

One last time. You’re welcome.   🙂